February 20, 2011

Some Actresses Fart Silently, Others Declare Gas

Here's a look on Bollywood actresses farting habits. Indian actresses are beautiful but they fart too. Let us have a fun spoof look at how Bollywood actress spread love in the air. 
Okay over to some hydrogen sulfide:

Priyanka Chopra farts and finds declares  it entertaining.

Vidya Balan is also honest that she farts at times.

Katrina Kaif is taken by the surprise of her own farts, hoping that you dint smell them.  It is okay, we know it doesnt smell like roses but we can grin and bear it you since Katrina is the offender.

Some like Madhuri Dixit are polite enough to know that they will launch a torpedo in a minute

Some like Neha Dhupia fart in privacy even though they expose other things in public.

Tulip Joshi's farts are lady-like, butt raised up to salute the queen in a silent but deadly manner

Some actresses like Kareena Kapoor fart to wipe out competition

Deepika Padukone farts true to her name and lets one go

 Some actresses like Aishwarya Rai fart so that you do not live another moment.


  1. Replies
    1. you are such an asshole man !

    2. You both are such an asshole !

  2. Hahahaa....smthin sounds so so funny.....smthin intrested is 7th one.....lol :D

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  4. I want to lick ass of all bollywood actress while they fart .